Air Conditioning

aircon-regas-poole[1]At Hutchings Vehicle Services we are able to service the Air Conditioning system of all different makes and sizes of vehicles.

Roy Hutchings, the owner of the garage, holds  certificates in air conditioning and refrigerant handling which meets and exceeds the government standards.

We are able to Check Air Conditioning systems for leaks to see if there are any faulty pipes or parts within the system. We are also able to evacuate the system, recover gas and dispose of it in a environmentally friendly way. Due to our extensive database and experience, we know the exact amount of gas which should be in every air conditioning system.... including your car.

GREAT NEWS we can now service the new r1234yf gas systems on newer vehicles ,as well as being able to service and repair the climate control systems on  hybrid vehicles as well using our new a/c plant.

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