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Peugeot Chichester

Need a reliable garage to service your Peugeot in Chichester? Looking for a first-time fix, no hassle, no excessive fees? Then look no further than Hutchings Vehicle Services – the number one Peugeot Garage just 15 minutes from Chichester town centre.

We’ve been specialists in Peugeot servicing and repairs for over 15 years. We’re a proud member of the Good Garage Scheme and recognised as a high-standard Peugeot garage near Chichester.

Our technicians are highly trained and we own a versatile parts inventory – we fix every Peugeot model without a hitch. We guarantee a quality fix, fast turn-around, and transparent prices.

Peugeot Chichester

What our customers think

Why you need to service your Peugeot:


Safety: A reliable car makes for a responsible driver – and an unsafe car is a risk for yourself and other road users. It only takes one small issue to have drastic consequences. With Hutchings Vehicle Services near Chichester, we catch those hidden faults before they catch you.


Reliability: You want a reliable car, right? So it’s essential you maintain the condition of your car through quality upkeep.  A regular service catches problems early on, which are cheaper and easier to fix. It makes owning a car much more manageable, as you become less prone to avoidable faults.


Longevity: The quality of your car is only as good as the care it receives. With our Chichester Peugeot service plan, we guarantee a better lifespan for your car. In turn, you’ll receive a smoother drive, better fuel efficiency, and avoid repeat repairs by reducing the wear and tear on your car.


Savings: Reduced repairs and more miles to the gallon = automatic savings. Book with our specialist Peugeot garage just 15 minutes from Chichester, and you’ll wonder where all that money went before you found us.

Peugeot Chichester

If you’re looking for a quality service on your Peugeot Chichester, give us a call today.

How do I know when my Peugeot needs servicing?

Most vehicles have a service light which will flash up when one is due, but they aren’t always easy to locate.

Typically though, a car which sees regular use will require a service every 6-12 months.

We create a service plan tailored to your vehicle and lifestyle and notify you 4 weeks in advance of your next service.

Still unsure? Give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Peugeot Chichester

What happens during a Peugeot Chichester service?

Your Peugeot Chichester service is performed by our trusted technicians who follow a strict checklist when servicing your car.

Our complete car service inspects all parts of your car, inside and out:

Peugeot Chichester

Lighting & VisibilityThe front and rear lights are rigorously checked for optimal performance, plus all windows, wipers, and mirrors are inspected for chips, faults, and weak areas. Registration plates are reviewed for clarity and sturdiness.


Under BonnetA full under bonnet inspection ensures there are no leaks, rusting, or corrosion and all components are tested to check they’re in working order. Where required, we replace the air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, and drive belts.


Vehicle InteriorSeat belt mechanisms are reviewed for responsiveness and the full belt material checked. The horn, hazard button, and vehicle controls are tested for correct function. Using diagnostics, we analyse the vehicle’s software to look for intermittent or permanent faults.


Tyre Inspection The wheels are inspected for faults and weak areas, including replacement of any missing wheel nuts. Tyres are reviewed for any issues such as uneven tread wear, and the tyre pressures are adjusted prior to refitting. We also check over your spare wheel or inflation kit.


BrakingBoth front and rear brake components are checked and stoppage distance measured, allowing us to accurately report on their service life.


Under VehicleAll trays beneath the vehicle are removed, the oil is drained, and the transmission is checked for leaks.


Steering, Drive & SuspensionThe wheel alignment is assessed for any impact on steering. All joints, gaiters (protective sleeves on vehicle parts), and wheel bearings are extensively inspected. The front and rear shock absorbers and springs are tested for durability and resistance.


Final ChecksWe undertake brake fluid and antifreeze tests – crucial for road safety, especially during winter months. Finally, we fill the engine with new oil – this is vital for engine cleanliness and performance.

How quickly can you book me in?

Need an urgent Peugeot service in Chichester? We always do our best to accommodate urgent bookings, at a time which suits your schedule.

Contact us today on  01243 830310 so the team can book you in straight away.

Peugeot Chichester

If you’re looking for a quality service on your Peugeot Chichester, give us a call today.

A transparent, honest Peugeot service

We offer a complete and transparent Chichester Peugeot service.

After a full vehicle assessment, we provide a comprehensive report of any repairs needed immediately, and the ones we recommend for the lasting performance of your car.

There’s no hidden fees, and our service is always value-added.

Keeping You Informed Hutching Vehicle Services

How much will it cost?

You’ll always get our best price at Hutchings Vehicle Services.

Our services cover all requirements and budgets. So, we’ll always be able to accommodate you.

And, of course, great value – guaranteed. Call us to get a competitive quote.

Out of Hours Service Hutchings Vehicle Services


We understand that sometimes time isn’t on your side. That’s why we offer out-of-hours collection and drop-off.

Flexible Finance Hutchings Vehicle Services

Finance Options Available

If there are any repairs that need to be made, we have flexible payment plans to make it as easy as possible for you.

Courtesy Car Hutchings Vehicle Services

Your Courtesy Car

Have to leave your car with us? We have a fleet of courtesy cars available to keep you on the road.

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Hutchings Vehicle Services are here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We know that you’re looking for a great garage, that cares about you and delivers value, and that’s exactly what we do.

We’re here to help.