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Which would you choose?

The car of the year 2016 is being considered right now and will be voted on in February.  Then the winner will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show on 29th Feb this year... have a look at the final seven shortlisted on the Car of the Year website here: and let us know…
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A car engine produces a lot of heat when it is running and must be cooled continuously to avoid engine damage. This is done by a system that passes water mixed with anti freeze through the vehicle, we are able to maintain and repair this system to ensure optimum efficiency and performance. It is wise…
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Our winter check offers customers peace of mind in the colder months and helps protect your vehicle from breakdowns. Items in the check include the lights, tyres, operation of heater, condition of wiper blades, fluid levels and battery, alternator and starter motor test.
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Common mistakes #3 -Not changing the fuel and air filters.

Air filter from a car that was serviced 1 year before... no way! Filters are small, inexpensive parts to replace during your regular scheduled services, but when they get clogged up, they can create a world of trouble! Dirty air or fuel filters can cause various sensors on a car to fail, resulting in repair…
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Winter driving skills…

It you feel you need some advice on how to drive in the coming winter weather, then maybe getting in touch with the driver of the No X4 bus will help... that's how to do it, low revs and very steady 🙂 [youtube]
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