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Which would you choose?

The car of the year 2016 is being considered right now and will be voted on in February.  Then the winner will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show on 29th Feb this year... have a look at the final seven shortlisted on the Car of the Year website here: and let us know…
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Common mistakes #2: Not checking tyre pressure

Tyres naturally lose a bit of pressure over time. When they are are low on air, even those that aren't visibly low, can compromise fuel economy. This increases your ownership costs, and the tyres will wear faster and need to be replaced sooner. Low tire pressure also impacts steering, suspension and other components, which can…
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Winter driving skills…

It you feel you need some advice on how to drive in the coming winter weather, then maybe getting in touch with the driver of the No X4 bus will help... that's how to do it, low revs and very steady 🙂 [youtube]
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Common mistakes #1

Not changing the oil on time! Oil changes are part of the scheduled maintenance intervals outlined in your owner's manual, but what constitutes as being "on time" is relative.  It depends very much on the car you drive as they are all quite different. The manufacturer may recommend changing the oil at specific intervals, sometimes…
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Be safe for winter

In Scotland they are used to colder weather, but the forecast looks like another cold one for all of us. Be safe & check your car - HVS is here to help if you need further advice. [youtube]
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