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From the smallest leaking gasket right the way through to a full engine rebuild - we have the experience and technology to do it all. The obvious servicing and care is vital and should not be overlooked, but sometimes more work is required and we are here to do it.  We have had the privilege…
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Your car’s emission system controls the emissions, exhaust and pollutants that are produced in the engine. The emission system works to reduce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, un-burnt hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. We use a calibrated gas analyzer to test these gases and determine the level of emissions your car is producing.  
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What is a full service?

We have found that some in our industry are content to allow their customers to remain ignorant of what is being done to their vehicles.  But we want to be counted among those that have honesty and integrity at the very heart of all we do.  To give you an example, we have had cars…
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Deutsch Autos!

Wir haben die Technologie für die deutschen Auto! Translates:  We have the technology for your German car! Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, BMW and VAG group cars like SEAT & Skoda are all catered for with our amazing new diagnostic software. And you can book your service by CLICKING HERE!
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