Why Forte products are the best medication for a poorly DPF

If you have recently had your MOT and your DPF  has come back as an advisory or even a fail, you may find yourself in a situation where you are being told to replace the DPF or are due some expensive repair work.

So how much does a new DPF cost?

In short, prices to replace can be up into the thousands and in many situations, can be completely preventable.

The reason why? A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) has been compulsory in every diesel vehicle manufactured since 2009 with more vehicles produced before then including a DPF, are now failing due to becoming blocked. So how exactly do you clean a DPF?

…. That is simple - YOU don’t!

The latest update to the MOT ensures tampering with a DPF is no longer an option.

Why? Because a tampered DPF can result in an MOT Fail, which is why we urge you to stick with the professionals. There are many techniques to clean and preserve your DPF, preventing unnecessary expense and replacement costs. So, step away from the DIY Youtube videos and listen up.


At Hutchings Vehicle Services, we are a highly trusted Garage serving the Chichester and Bognor Regis area.

And for good reason too! Check out the independent reviews our Clients leave to find out why we have a 98.4% satisfaction rating with verified Customers who have used our services. As members of the Good Garage Scheme, we use only Forte products, the only choice for a truly professional mechanic who cares about your vehicle.

Forte is a name that is synonymous with the very best in effective engine treatments.

Used on a regular basis by over 9,000 garages in the UK, it is clear to see why Forte are such an integral element to servicing a vehicle. Forte have over 37 years’ worth of experience in the UK helping and advising garages on how to make a noticeable difference to a car’s performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Forté Power-Clean products have been specially formulated to obtain the very best direct cleaning results without the need to dismantle components.

They remove dirt, varnish, carbon deposits, oily deposits, soot and ash from the fuel injectors, combustion chamber, air-intake system or DPF dependant on what service you opt for, to restore correct engine operation to your vehicle. Unlike other products, these can only be used with a Forté Power-Clean machine. Visit our page on the Power Clean to find the best treatment for you.

Looking specifically at combatting the common DPF issue.

The Forté Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator has been specifically formulated to combat the adverse effects that start/stop driving conditions have on the DPF. With a continued stop/start driving pattern, soot loading builds up in the DPF since the ECU is unable to make the necessary small adjustments to the fuel injection timing to increase the exhaust temperature and initiate regeneration.

Forté DPF Cleaner and Regenerator uses a catalyst to adhere to the soot particles during combustion, lowering the temperature at which they can be burnt off. The soot particles will burn at lower temperatures in the soot filter area, helping to regenerate the filter, especially in cases where exhaust temperatures are low, like stop and go traffic, city traffic and short drives.

Shown in the video below, you can clearly see the benefits of this process.

Check out our Power Clean services here or contact us to book your vehicle in for the treatment today.

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