What is a full service?

hvs-service-check-list[1]We have found that some in our industry are content to allow their customers to remain ignorant of what is being done to their vehicles.  But we want to be counted among those that have honesty and integrity at the very heart of all we do.  To give you an example, we have had cars into our workshop that, according to the book stamp, have very recently had a ‘full service’ yet the problems the car is experiencing is because filters have not been changed…  this is something that we know is essential for a full service.  For this and other reasons we have a complete check list that we personally give to you of all the elements that we have completed, along with any recommendations we believe you need to know.

Click HERE or on the image above to view our industry standard service sheet.  The ‘I’ Column is for Interim service (Often just an oil change, but we make all these checks too).  The ‘S’ is for Standard or Full Service.  As you can see,  there are many extra vital areas of your cars function that will be checked to ensure the safe and reliable running of your car.

It is because of clear and reliable work like this that we can proudly be part of the ‘Good Garage Scheme’ and be certain that you have the best possible service with us.

If you are in any doubt about what any of this means, please ask,  and we will explain it to you without any jargon…  at HVS, we’re here to help.

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