Roys latest training

Well over the last couple of months i have been back to where it all started for me 32 years ago ,that is to Chichester college.Due to ever changing legislation and the need to embrace new technology i enrolled on two courses.

The first was a/c f gas which is the safe handling of refrigerant and why it is important to carry out servicing of a/c systems correctly and why it is illegal to knowingly vent it to atmosphere and the damage it doses to the planet. I must confess this is the third time that i have done this course and i have passed it every time but it was pointed out to us that because i could not find the certificates for the other course (i blame Liz) that it is important to be able to show one if asked to as when buying gas they are supposed to ask to see it.Even though i have done before i still learnt more and as there is now r1234yf in cars and r744 it was good to do again and the advice given by Graham Stoakes was of great help when buying the new a/c plant.His style of teaching is very relaxed and his great knowledge on all thing techno was great .So on to my next course again by Graham was hybrid and electric vehicles level 2 and 3 this was done over two days and we learnt about how to safely work on this type of vehicle.What to touch and what is in fact very dangerous in deed.This would be the minimum amount of training required to service these vehicles because you will only make a mistake once on them (no second chance at 650 volts your dead) .There is plans to in fact licence the trade to be able to work on them the same as electricians are and there fore i am ahead of the game on this.You will be glad to here i passed this course as well and want to do my level 4 when the college run it so here is a few photos of new a/c plant and from the hybrid course.So if any one wants to ask me a about this or anything else car related then pop into the garage or give me a call on 01243830310.

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