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Car Diagnostics at Hutchings Vehicle Services

Car Diagnostics Bognor Regis

I’ve got a fault light on, can you help? Of course. As Bognor Regis’ premium independent garage, we’ve got the advanced, specialist technicians to make sure your vehicle is running as it should be, regardless of the problem. 

If your fault light is on, give us a call. We’ll have your vehicle back to normal in no time.

Car Diagnostics at Hutchings Vehicle Services

What our customers think

Don’t you just plug in a computer?

If only it was that simple, it’d be great.

However, although we do use computers in the process, there’s a lot of manual inspection and testing that goes on to make sure your car gets the right treatment the first time.

We take your diagnostic evaluation to the next level to ensure you don’t come up against the same problems in the future. However, we do so at the best price in Bognor Regis.

Thorough, unrivalled treatment and a price you’ll love. Give us a call today.

Computer Car Diagnostics at Hutchings Vehicle Services

Car Diagnostics Bognor Regis

Call today to book in for a car diagnostic checkup. Prices start from just £38.00 for a scan and £78.00 for a diagnostic evaluation.

What are the steps and stages in a diagnostic evaluation?


We start by consulting you on the issue to get an understanding of the potential problem.


Next, we’ll inspect your vehicle with you to make sure we’re on the same page with what the problem is.


We’ll interrogate all your vehicle’s computer systems for any current or historical faults.


Using the latest technical product bulletins, we’ll be able to discover any known issues with your current software updates.


Relevant system data evaluation allows our technicians to highlight any irregularities and identify the further tests needed.


Our technical information systems then help us identify test specifications.


With all this new information, we use serial data tools, oscilloscopes, pressure and flow gauges to actively test your vehicle.


Once we’ve got the results, we can make an accurate assessment. This is where we’ll get back in touch with you to discuss the analysis and next steps.

Diagnostics Evaluation Cost at Hutchings Vehicle Services

How much does a diagnostic evaluation cost?

Each diagnostic treatment is unique. Different problems demand different levels of examination. However, the investment starts at £78.00.

Naturally, if we discover that more work needs to be done than first thought, we’ll be in touch before we go any further. We’re committed to ensuring that you’re never caught out by any hidden costs or added charges.

Fault Codes at Hutchings Vehicle Services

I know the fault codes. Do I still need a diagnostic evaluation?

Even though you know the fault codes, we still need to perform our own evaluation. If for some reason, the fault codes you gave us weren’t correct and we made repairs based on that, we would be doing you and your car a disservice.

So, while we appreciate you may have a fault code, we’d always want to make sure it’s the right one by performing our own evaluation.

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