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Roys latest training

Well over the last couple of months i have been back to where it all started for me 32 years ago ,that is to Chichester college.Due to ever changing legislation and the need to embrace new technology i enrolled on two courses. The first was a/c f gas which is the safe handling of refrigerant…
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The Law is changing!

At Hutchings Vehicle Services, we pride ourselves on continuously learning, whether it is a more efficient method of keeping your vehicle running, for longer or gaining a new accreditation on the latest standards of vehicle care - we have a hunger for knowledge! We just had to share these latest amends to legislation  this year…
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Why Forte products are the best medication for a poorly DPF

If you have recently had your MOT and your DPF  has come back as an advisory or even a fail, you may find yourself in a situation where you are being told to replace the DPF or are due some expensive repair work. So how much does a new DPF cost? In short, prices to…
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Good servicing can save you money

Why you can trust Hutchings Vehicle Services to look after your car’s needs. When it comes to a service on your vehicle, too often you may feel completely blindsided by what exactly has been done with your vehicle. Being open and honest with our Customers is so important to us at Hutchings Vehicle Services, which…
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Fuel Efficient Driving Tips

Hutchings Vehicle Services in Bognor Regis are the experts in Fuel efficiency.   Following recent reports that petrol prices rose a staggering 6p per litre in May, aside from having a Power Clean Fuel Treatment, there are other ways to get more mileage out of your motor! Drive at an appropriate speed Sticking to speed…
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