Common Mistakes #4 : Neglecting coolant and other fluids.

brake fluidIf you neglect coolant, brake, transmission and any other fluids there can be a high price to pay. Most people know how essential it is to check the engine oil  (even this can be ignored), but while oil is key to the proper operation of your engine, there are other fluids that are critical to keeping your car running well. Your owner's manual will have a list of recommendations for how often to service these components, so today is the day to make yourself familiar with them. Delays in service, or ignoring them altogether, could result in damage, not just to the specific component, but to the engine or other parts as well.... once again resulting in a very high repair bill.

With a little bit of knowledge gleaned from your manufactures manual and some simple reminders to help you remember to check your car for issues, it's easy to save yourself the cost of many of the most common car repairs.

If in doubt contact us as HVS... we're here to help.

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