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What is a full service?

We have found that some in our industry are content to allow their customers to remain ignorant of what is being done to their vehicles.  But we want to be counted among those that have honesty and integrity at the very heart of all we do.  To give you an example, we have had cars…
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Hutchings Vehicle Services undertake a lot of work for local small fleets of vehicles. The companies rely on us to carry out their general maintenance and servicing on both fleet cars and vans. If you have a company vehicle or are responsible for a fleet that requires regular, punctual servicing and care, please contact us today to…
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From the smallest leaking gasket right the way through to a full engine rebuild - we have the experience and technology to do it all. The obvious servicing and care is vital and should not be overlooked, but sometimes more work is required and we are here to do it.  We have had the privilege…
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Modern vehicles have a great many of electrical systems from electric windows and car heaters all the way through to the main engines electrical side which consists of battery starter and alternator. Our electrical testing & diagnostic equipment consists of everything from a basic test light through to our oscilloscope and computerised diagnostic facilities . Therefore…
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